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The less familiar you are with the area where you’re driving, the more likely you are to make a mistake. When you travel far afield, especially across borders, this unfamiliarity will likely rise.  If you drive out of the country, such as to Mexico, you’re going to deal with an entirely new set of traffic laws and customs. READ MORE >>

America shares a significant border with Mexico. For residents of both countries, driving across the border is a frequent occurrence. It might seem like no big deal to drive your car into Mexico. Often, Mexican driving is perfectly routine. Still, it’s anything but ordinary. READ MORE >>

If you’re going to drive to Mexico, you’re going to face many of the same hazards you would encounter in the states. Should an accident occur, you should treat it with the concern than you would a domestic accident. Mexican accident reporting usually is somewhat different than most Americans have seen before. READ MORE >>

If you plan to visit Mexico in your car, you’re going to want to plan ahead. Foreign driving will expose you to risks with which you might not be familiar. This could pose a risk to your own safety and your vehicle’s integrity. You need to carry a Mexican auto insurance policy if you enter the country. READ MORE >>

In southern California, our proximity to the border makes international travel relatively common. However, sometimes, travel requires more preparation than just carrying a passport or visa. What if you plan to stay a while? Given the popularity of cross-border travel, many Americans visit Mexico for extended stays. READ MORE >>

If you’re traveling abroad for a vacation or extended period, you’re going to visit a place that’s unfamiliar to you. Even if you adapt to your new surroundings, different standards of living exist. That may impact your ability to take care of yourself and influence how you seek medical care. READ MORE >>

RVs can be valuable assets to American travelers in Mexico. They can provide a lot of convenience and creature comforts even when you are far from home. However, driving through Mexico is not the same as staying at a holiday resort. When you’re on Mexican roads in your RV, you face risks that require your care and attention. READ MORE >>

Are you planning to travel to Mexico? The land south of the border shares common bonds with the United States. Cross-border travel remains an important bedrock of both countries’ economic development. Traveling in Mexico can provide Americans with one of a kind cultural experiences. READ MORE >>

Let’s say you’re ready to jump in the car for an adventure in Mexico. However, being an international destination, travel to Mexico requires preparation and consideration. Driving in Mexico requires you to adapt to different styles of operations. For this reason, you likely will face risks that you may not be familiar with. READ MORE >>

In Mexico, you’re required to own car liability coverage, which covers the damages to third parties resulting from an accident that was your fault. Though, given the cost of vehicles and medical care, the state requirements may not be enough to cover all of the damages. READ MORE >>

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