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American drivers go to Mexico all the time. In fact, the southern border is one of the most heavily trafficked zones in the world. From San Diego, CA to Brownsville, TX, thousands of drivers cross the border every day. Many do so on business, while others cross for vacation or recreational purposes. READ MORE >>

Traveling means going somewhere you don’t normally visit—that fact is pretty obvious. As a result, you are not going to have the same familiarity with that space as you do with the area back home. Therefore, driving comes with increased risks. Different roads, different people and places all might challenge your knowledge. READ MORE >>

Are you planning a trip to Mexico? You’re in for a lovely experience. America’s neighbor offers beautiful scenery, points of historical interest and warm hospitality. To soak in the sights of this special land, you might figure that a road trip south of the border is right for you.  READ MORE >>

Let’s say you’re ready to jump in the car for an adventure in Mexico. However, being an international destination, travel to Mexico requires preparation and consideration. Driving in Mexico requires you to adapt to different styles of operations. For this reason, you likely will face risks that you may not be familiar with. READ MORE >>

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