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Mexico Information

ATM's and Currency ATM's and Currency in Mexico
In this section, Mexbound.com provides information about using ATM machines and credit cards in Mexico and provides information on the official currency of Mexico.

Baja Ferry Information

Baja and Mainland Ferry Information
The Baja Ferry established in 1999 connects Baja California to Mainland Mexico via a high-speed ferry. Travel times are between 6 and 12 hours.

Baja Map

Baja Map
Maps of cities and driving directions to various cities in Baja California, such as Rosarito, Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas and many others.

Baja Tourism Board

Baja Tourism Board
If you are planning on visiting any place in Baja California, the Baja Tourism Board can provide the latest information such as maps, activities, hotels and more.

Events and Festivals in Mexico

Events and Festivals
There is always something happening in Mexico. Review the information in this section to find the next event in the area you are traveling to or to look for a festival to plan your next destination.

Mexican Tourism Board

Mexican Tourism Board
If you are planning on visiting any place in Mexico, the Mexican Tourism Boards can provide the latest information. Here is information on how to contact the tourism boards in Mexico.

Mexico Maps

Mexico Maps
In this section, find detailed Mexico driving and roadmaps to various cities in Mexico as well as several city maps displaying local roads and attractions.

Mexico Tourist Information

Mexico Tourist Information - General Information
We have put together general tourist information for Mexico such as store hours, getting around, shipping packages and more.

Official and Religious Holidays Mexico

Official and Religious Holidays
Mexico has religious holidays throughout the year, especially during the month of December when Posadas is celebrated. Get information on official and religious holidays in Mexico.

Telephones and Mexico Area Codes

Telephones and Mexico Area Codes
Information on how to make a phone call in Mexico or how to make a phone call to Mexico from the United States.

Weather in Mexico

Mexico is a large country that experiences a variety of weather from hot and humid to cool, breezy beaches. Find out weather information for cities across Mexico.

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