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Tijuana Driving Directions

Welcome to the mexbound.com guide to driving to Tijuana. Thanks to our San Diego roots, were able to provide you with firsthand, detailed information on driving directions and maps to Tijuana. Before you leave on your next adventure south of the border, be sure to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance from mexbound.com. Remember, mexbound.com is "the first choice for the smart traveler." Tijuana Mexico is located less than 20 miles south of downtown San Diego. The international border crossing between San Ysidro, CA and Tijuana is considered the busiest port of entry in the world with over 20 million vehicles crossing yearly.

Driving from San Diego to Tijuana

From anywhere in San Diego use either freeway 5 or 805, both of which lead directly to the international crossing at San Ysidro, California. To enter at the Otay crossing leave either 5 or 805 at the exit to freeway 905 and proceed to follow that highway directly to the Otay crossing.

Driving from Arizona to Tijuana

Take Interstate 8 west to San Diego where you will merge onto Interstate 805 or Interstate 5 south. You will arrive at the border in less than 10 miles. Then follow the directions from San Diego above.

Crossing the Border

When you are crossing the Mexican Border you will see a red light or a green light. If the light is GREEN; then you may proceed into Mexico. If the light turns RED and you are signaled into secondary inspection, follow the custom officials signals, you will be directed to an area to park. If you are signaled to go to secondary, the first thing to remember is Don't Panic. Secondary is often a random process, also heavier or larger vehicles often set off weight scales sending them directly into secondary inspections. They will probably ask you a few questions, look through your car and search your trunk, they are looking for items that you may not have declared, The best thing to do is be polite, answer all questions with a simple "yes" or "no".

Tijuana Driving Map and Directions

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