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Mexican Insurance

Why Should You Buy Mexican Insurance?                                                                                

  • The Mexican authorities do not recognize or accept your U.S. or Canadian Insurance policy. Liability Coverage is required for all vehicles in Mexico and must be provided by a Mexico insurance company.
  • If you are involved in an accident, your Mexican Vehicle Insurance policy will help you spend less time dealing with Mexican authorities or even prevent you from facing criminal action whether you are at fault or not.
  • If your vehicle is damaged or stolen, your Mexican Insurance Policy will ensure coverage. Your Mexican Insurance Policy also covers Roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown.

U.S. driver's Licenses are Valid in Mexico

Mexican InsuranceMexico recognizes foreign drivers licenses as long as they are valid (not expired). A valid driver license is also a requirement for your Mexico insurance; an expired license can result in your policy being voided and your claim being denied. If your license is going to expire while you are visiting Mexico, make sure to renew before your trip or make arrangements to be able to renew while you are traveling.

Mexico Insurance is Required for a Vehicle Importation Permit

The Government of Mexico strictly regulates the entry of vehicles into Mexico. If you are driving to Baja California or the northern part of  Sonora, these areas are a "free zone" and do not require a Vehicle Importation Permit. If you will be taking the ferry from Baja to the mainland or driving outside of these areas, you will have to get a Vehicle Importation Permit. A valid Mexico Insurance policy is one of the documents you must present in order to get your permit. 

U.S. Automobile Liability Insurance is Not Valid as Mexican Insurance

Most collision and comprehensive coverage issued by U.S. companies are not valid in Mexico. Travelers are encouraged to get Mexico Travel Assistance. Mexican Insurance is adequate for their needs in Mexico. A good rule of thumb is to buy a Mexican Insurance policy equivalent to that which is carried in the United States. Mexican Insurance is considered invalid in Mexico if the driver is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If You Are Involved in an Automobile Accident

You may be taken into police custody until it can be determined who is liable and whether you have the ability to pay the damages caused. If you are at fault and do not have Mexican Insurance, you may be prevented from departing the country, and you are almost certain to spend some time in jail until all parties are satisfied and payment for medical expenses and property damage are paid to the other person. You may also face criminal charges if you injure someone. It is important to have Mexico insurance so an adjuster can come to the scene to represent you with the authorities. They will also provide legal representation and post a bond should you need it.

The Government of Mexico determines the Terms and Conditions of automobile insurance policies affording coverage for tourists in Mexico. These Insurance Policies differ in many ways from policies issued in The United States or Canada. In Mexico, being involved in a car accident is considered a crime and in some cases, the authorities can detain the driver as well as the vehicle. All of our policies include unlimited Legal Assistance to help you until your situation is resolved as well as a bail bond with a limit equal to your liability limit.

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