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Scorpion Bay Scorpion Bay

Welcome to the mexbound.com surfing in Baja guide to surfing Scorpion Bay. Thanks to our San Diego roots, we're able to provide you with firsthand, detailed information on Surfing in Baja. Before you leave on your next adventure south of the border, be sure to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance from mexbound.com, the surfer's choice. Remember, mexbound.com is "the first choice for the smart traveler."

Surfing Scorpion Bay Surfing Scorpion Bay

Scorpion Bay is a series of six different right-hand point breaks. The first three points are the most accessible. First point hardly ever breaks, second point is more for beginners with inside fast sections, third point is legendary, on a good swell, points 2 and 3 connect making for a perfectly peeling wave for over 100 yards, if you ride all the way in, it can take five minutes to paddle back out. Rumor has it that on really big swells, Scorpion Bay fourth point becomes one long continuous perfect right. At low tide the shore is littered with jagged volcanic rock. Most people wear booties. Scorpion Bay can get crowded during the summer months. If Scorpion Bay is small, check Punta San Gregorio. Punta San Gregorio is an extremely good right point break that catches more swells than Scorpion Bay. Punta San Gregorio takes most swells, especially South and West's.

  • Location: Minimum 100-300 mile drive over rugged dirt roads, so bring plenty of supplies if you are going to make the 800+ mile drive from California. From the North on Mexico 1 take the turnoff towards Abreojos at San Angel. Before you reach San Ignacio go left to El Alamo, then right towards the Fridera Fish Camp. When you get to the lagoon go south to Cuarenta, then to San Juanico.
  • Swell Direction: Requires a big South or Southwest swell, but a giant swell from the North will work too. Usually best during the summer months.

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