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San Miguel

Welcome to the Mexbound.com Baja Surfing Guide to surfing San Miguel. Growing up in San Diego allows us to provide you with first hand knowledge of Surfing in Baja. One of the best ways to start your trip is to purchase Mexico Insurance online before you leave your house from Mexbound.com — the surfers choice for Mexico Insurance. On your next adventure south of the border, remember Mexbound.com — "the first choice for the smart traveler."

Surfing San Miguels

A crowded, racy point break, San Miguel is one of Baja's premier wave spots. San Miguel is a right-hander that breaks best during a West or Northwest swell. There is a second bay, which can connect on a big enough swell. On bigger days, it will wrap around a point and sometimes you can just surf the second point. The paddle-out and in San Miguel can be slippery with spiny sea urchins at times, so wear booties. The kelp beds on the outside keep it glassy on windy days, but be careful — the kelp can wrap around you. Beginners beware! The locals will hassle you sometimes, so be careful not to leave your boards out in the open; they could get stolen. In San Miguel, there is camping and RV parking, they also have a bathroom with showers.

  • Location: The San Miguel turnoff is immediately after the last tollbooth before Ensenada, 61 miles from the border.
  • Swell Direction: San Miguel breaks best on West or Northwest swells.

Map of Northern Baja Surfbreaks

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