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Telephones and Calling Mexico

Telephones and Calling MexicoAll over the State there are public Phones, from where you can make International and National long distances calls. Look for the phones that say Telmex on them this is the national phone company, if you are in Baja Norte look for phones that say Telnor, which is a subsidiary of Telmex. These Phones accept Mexican coins, as well as U.S. currency. Prepaid long distance calling cards are recommended when you travel, and can be purchased at the airport and at many commercial establishments.

Calling from the United States to Baja California

To call from the United States to Mexico, one must dial 011-52, the city area code, followed by the seven-digit local Phone number. Example:

  • To call the number 684-5555 in Tijuana from The United States, dial 011(international access code) + 52(Mexico's country code) + 664 (Tijuana area code) + 684-5555 (Phone number you are trying to reach). All together 011-52-664-684-5555

Calling from Baja to Any Part of the World

Calls from Baja California to any part of the world can be made from any telephone that can access "lada" or the country phone code. For example:

  • U.S.A.: 001 + area code + 6 or 7 digit number
  • Mexico: 01 + area code + 7 digit number
  • Rest of the world: 001 + country code + number
  • For International Long Distance dial: 00 + country code + city code + number
  • Operator Assisted Long Distance phone calls: Within Mexico dial 020, International dial 090
  • For collect calls to the U.S.A dial: 091 +city code + number (020 or 090 for operator assistance)

For local information (bilingual operator) dial: 040

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