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Tijuana Shopping

Tijuana Shopping Tijuana shopping is legendary. For decades, Avenida Revolucion has held its place as the most-shopped street in North America. Even the most dedicated shopaholic can't see all of Avenida Revolucion in a day, not if they truly explore every level of every passageway and every delightful underground mini mall of fine arts and fine Mexican crafts. There's always another surprise waiting around each corner when shopping in Tijuana.

This eight-block extravaganza of bargains offers the best of handcrafted Mexico in one place. Things you will find when shopping in Tijuana is leathers; silver; beadwork; paper mache; jewelry; handmade furniture and home furnishing; stained glass and so much more. When shopping in Tijuana you can always find bargains, collectibles and imports from around the world at fabulous prices and even better bargains on European perfumes and cosmetics.Just take the San Diego trolley to the border and walk across into Tijuana, as thousands of international visitors do each day. Follow those same crowds right to Avenida Revolucion for a day trip you'll never forget. Tijuana shopping is a don't miss stop when heading to Tijuana. Below is a list of types of shops, malls and shopping in the Tijuana area of Baja California, Mexico. Click on the listings below to view shopping in Tijuana.

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