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Tijuana Nightlife

Tijuana Nightlife Tijuana's nightlife has been roaring since prohibition in the 1920's Revolution is the Place to go if you want to party hard in Tijuana. Avenida Revolucion known to most as Revolucion is the heart of Tijuana's tourist district. By day the Tourist will find Revolucion bustling with Shops, Street Venders selling everything from bracelets to pictures along side a striped donkey. Merchants standing in front of their stores offering to make you a deal, waiters trying to entice the tourist to come in take a load off and enjoy an authentic Mexican meal. Night Club and Strip Club hawkers are in front of every bar offering their specials like "two for one Cervezas and $5 table dances" Revolucion by day is a must see tourist destination, the sights, sounds and smells will live on in your memory forever.

At Night Revolucion turns into the longest bar in the world spilling over with Tequila and Cervezas. Shop keepers lockup and go home as do most of the street venders Revolution Bars, Night Clubs and Strip Clubs turn on their bright neon lights and crank up the music and get ready for another night of dancing and partying till dawn. Below is a list of types of bars, discos, nightclubs, adult entertainment and cantinas in the Tijuana area of Baja California, Mexico. Click on the listings below to view nightlife in Tijuana.

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