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The Villages of Loreto Bay

The Villages of Loreto BaySituated on 8,000 acres on the shores of the Sea of Cortes, The Villages of Loreto Bay will be a seaside community of approximately 6,000 homes with mixed-use buildings, narrow, walkable streets and authentic Baja architecture that exists in harmony with its surroundings.

Living fully
Amenities will include two 18-hole championship golf courses, a luxurious Beach Club and Spa, tranquil spas, a tennis center, a marina and sport fishing center, along with restaurants, boutiques, galleries and a produce market.

Treading lightly
The Villages of Loreto Bay are currently the largest sustainable resort community under development in North America. Our goal is to become an international model for how a development can enrich an existing landscape and community while remaining economically viable. Our vision is an integrated stewardship process of conservation, protection, enhancement, and regeneration that balances the social, economic and environmental needs of the community. Loreto Bay Company is committed to making Loreto Bay a sustainable community. This includes environmental preservation, creating jobs and devoting a portion of home sales to the community and setting aside 5,000 acres as a natural preserve. Being a sustainable community also means that we harvest more potable water than consume, which will enhance the existing natural streams and marshes, and we nurture the biodiversity of the land The Villages occupies.


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