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Chainsaw AKA RyanWelcome to the mexbound.com guide to Baja surfing Shipwrecks. Thanks to our San Diego roots, we're able to provide you with firsthand, detailed information on Surfing in Baja. Before you leave on your next adventure south of the border, be sure to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance from mexbound.com, the surfer's choice. Remember, mexbound.com is "the first choice for the smart traveler."


Surfing Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks is a point break was nicknamed "Chainsaw Point" by one of the boys pictured to the right, he is also nicknamed Chainsaw "uuuruuuuruuur rah". Shipwrecks is a fast, sometimes very long right point break off the side of the shipwreck of "Maria De Carmen" that you can see right in the lineup. Shipwrecks is a kind of mushy wave that when good can peel for over a 100 yards. Shipwrecks gets really windy but the kelp helps it stay glassy. Shipwrecks is best on bigger swells, Shipwrecks is usually smaller than the surrounding breaks, but it can hold double overhead plus. Most people here camp; there aren't many stores, so bring your own supplies. Sometimes the local fisherman will sell you fresh fish.

  • Swell Direction: Shipwrecks is best on a big Northwest, but it takes most swells.

Map of Northern Baja Surfbreaks

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