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San Felipe Spring Break

San Felipe spring BreakAround March and April, San Felipe experiences a flood of college students (usually from the United States) who travel to San Felipe to party. For just about all of these students, drinking alcohol is usually the reason why they come to San Felipe. The drinking age in Mexico is 18; while in the United States, it is 21. In the U.S., spring break ranges from the end of February to mid-April, but most schools are out the first two weeks of March. San Felipe is known for its spring break. The dates vary from year to year, but some time during February, March or April, college doors all over Canada and the United States are thrown open and students flood toward San Felipe. Expect to pay two to three times what you will normally pay, plus expect to pay a $20 to $30 cover charge at any popular bar. If you want to avoid the crowds consider some of the smaller bars or cantinas, they will have just as many people but you wont have to climb over people to get a drink. It's the combination of weather, sun, sandy beaches, late nightclubs, good restaurants and party atmosphere that keeps students coming back to San Felipe every year. If you want to head to San Felipe for some peace and relaxation, you might want to avoid San Felipe during March and April.

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