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San Carlos Restaurants

San Carlos Restaurants If you like meat or Carne in Mexico, you will love San Carlos. Sonora is famous for its beef find delicious meats grilled mesquite style. San Carlos offers a wide range of restaurants and dining experiences. While dining enjoy breathtaking views of the beautiful Sea of Cortez or the copper colored mountain Tetakawi Hill. The menus of the restaurants in Guaymas-San Carlos offer a variety of typical Mexican dishes such as soft tacos, enchiladas, chili rellenos and Italian delicacies like pasta. Almost every restaurant specializes in seafood especially shrimp. The restaurants in San Carlos are casual atmosphere making it perfect for enjoying a margarita with a friend. Try to resist the option of eating all of your meals in the hotel restaurant. Eating out is a great way to experience the other parts of San Carlos. Below is a list of types of food, restaurants and places to eat in the San Carlos area of Sonora, Mexico. Click on the listings below to view restaurants in San Carlos.

  • Froggy's - Live music Friday and Saturday nights * Located in Nuevo Guaymas.
  • El Arrecife - Fresh seafood * Telephone 011-52 (622) 6-1344
  • El Bronco - Specializing in grilled beef and seafood * Telephone 011-52 (622) 6-1130
  • Rosas Cantina - Mexican food * Breakfast, lunch and dinner * Telephone 011-52 (622) 6-1000

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