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Quinta Real Zacatecas

Quinta Real Zacatecas stands out in this colonial city for its most unusual architecture and setting. It is built right in the ruins of the Plaza de Toros San Pedro (San Pedro Bullring). It is the only place in this city where all the Zacatean tradition melts perfectly and excellent hotel service required by the most demanding world travelers.

Quinta Real Zacatecas

The grand style that characterizes Quinta Real hotels acquires monumental and folkloric splendor in Zacatecas. The building is a restored bullfighting ring where banquet halls and guest rooms overlook the arena, which has been transformed into an immense circular patio. With Andalusian flavor in its cobblestone floors and abundant flowers, it is a picturesque and unique setting for the celebration of a great social event or reliving the history of this destination. The legendary bullfighting of San Pedro dates back to 1866, witnessing its last bullfight in 1975. The original character and structure of this spectacular monument have been beautifully preserved and ingeniously converted into an architectural fiesta capitalizing on its circular design. On its inauguration in 1989, the restoration project of Quinta Real Zacatecas received the International Architecture Award. Quinta Real invites the traveler to discover the magnificent cultural heritage of this city from different angles and perspectives: strolling through its streets of beautiful facades, suspended in a cable-car that travels over the heights of the historic center, or voyaging to the depths of Zacatecas' famous silver mines.

  • Directions: 20 minutes from the airport, five minutes from the historic center and Zacatecas' pride, its cathedral in rose-colored stone.
  • Contact: 492-922-9104 Fax: 492-922-8440


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