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Puebla Schools

Puebla SchoolsPuebla is the capital of the state of Puebla and one of Mexico's oldest Spanish cities, founded on April 16, 1531. The city of Puebla is also an important center of learning, counting three major universities and several specialized institutes of higher learning. It is said that Puebla is one of the best places in Mexico to learn Spanish and immerse yourself in the Mexican culture;even UNESCO has declared Puebla a World Heritage Site because of its rich culture and baroque, renaissance and classical architectural styles. Besides the universities in Puebla, there are several private Spanish schools in Puebla offering intensive courses designed to make the most of your educational experience, with small class sizes to maximize your learning potential. When studying Spanish in Puebla, often times Spanish schools offer homestays with a Poblano family to complete your immersion in the Spanish language, while enjoying the hospitality and friendly atmosphere of being part of a Mexican family. The Spanish courses in Puebla are communication-oriented, which means the promotion of the four abilities: listening, speaking, reading and writing in life-like situations. The Spanish instructors are highly qualified native speakers who encourage involvement in the Mexican culture. Below is a list of Spanish schools, language courses, cooking schools and places to study Spanish in Puebla, Mexico.

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