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Papas and Beer - Ensenada

Papas and Beer - EnsenadaPapas and Beer in Ensenada is one of the most recognized names in Mexico. Papas and Beer is hard to miss, it is always packed with wild and crazy tourist, especially Wednesday, Thursday, and (especially) Saturday day when the cruise ships are in. During the day, there is no cover charge and they open up the "right hand side"€ of the bar. This caters to the cruise ship crowd. If you have never experienced Papas and Beer you will be in for a surprise. The waiters walk the floor with their bottles of Tequila in search for their victim. Blowing their whistles then waiters will turn people upside down while giving them tequila slammers, and place Papas and Beer bumper stickers on various body parts. At night when the tourist are passed out from one to many Tequila shots Papas and Beer in Ensenada calms down a little. Locals come in and it becomes more like a discotheque. Cover is about $4, and beers are $3. They play an assortment of music and usually have a live band. It does get crowded, but it has very friendly atmosphere. At night you may want to dress up a little instead of the shorts and flip flops that you had on from the day. The Papas and Beer in Ensenada is not quite as wild as the one located in Rosarito, but it might get a little wilder.

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