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Oaxaca Cuisine

Oaxaca FoodFor the same reasons its people are so diverse, Oaxaca also boasts a tremendous diversity of regional cuisine, nicknamed "Land of the Seven Moles." An abundance of fruits and vegetables are grown in the central valley, tropical fruits are found in the north and fish and shellfish dominate the cuisine of the south. Oaxaca is also known for Oaxaca cheese (quesillo) which is now exported around the world and even made in many locations in the United States. There is also a breakfast specialty, generally only available in Oaxaca - huevos oaxaqueños - eggs poached in a chili-tomato soup. Another specialty is chapulines, an unusual dish composed primarily of barbecued grasshoppers. Oaxaca is also known for producing mezcal, a spirit similar to tequila. Corn is the staple food but the preparation of corn dough varies wildly, from entomadas and empanadas to tamales and tortillas. Black beans are also a common ingredient, as is the pasilla oaxaquena chile which gives many dishes their distinct hot, smoky taste and red color. Oaxaca is also well-known for its chocolate, which is made from ground cacao beans, and frequently includes almonds, cinnamon and many other ingredients. Below is a list of types of food, restaurants and places to eat in the Oaxaca area of Oaxaca, Mexico. Click on the listings below to view restaurants in Oaxaca.

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