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Military Checkpoints

Mexico Military CheckpointsWhen traveling in Mexico, you may encounter military checkpoints. Military and law enforcement checkpoints aimed at detecting narcotics, alien smuggling, and firearms traffic are located at various places throughout Mexico. Areas known to possess these checkpoints include the Yucatan peninsula, Chiapas, Oaxaca and Guerrero. When driving in Mexico, you may encounter one of these Military Checkpoints. The Checkpoints in Mexico are roadblocks with shaded canopies, tents, a observation station and banks of sandbags. If you are asked to pull over the first thing to remember is to remain calm. These are the Federalistas, whose job is to prevent the dissemination of drugs, arms and ammunition. Also some checkpoints in Mexico are searching for fruit and vegetables also sometimes meat and eggs that a particular state doesn't want entering their area. These soldiers are very young, but they are well-trained, polite and know their jobs. Your vehicle is required to stop at this checkpoint and you will be questioned. They'll want to know where you are from and where you are going. You may be asked to open the trunk, glovebox, suitcases, etc. The search is usually takes less than a minute. The Federales usually are very personable and will joke around with you. Feel free to offer them a soda if you like.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT joke about guns or drugs. If you try to run or escape the Military Checkpoint , there is a board of nails hidden behind a shrub or sandbag that unfurls a length of cord across the highway. The spike-bristling board will skate out onto the highway at a moment's notice and drive its sharp spikes into your wheels puncturing your tires. You will most likely get arrested or even shot by their machine guns.

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