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Mexico Travel Insurance

Mexico Travel InsuranceMexico Travel Insurance offers peace of mind to travelers. When our members suffer medical emergencies while traveling more than 100 air miles from home, our solution returns them to their local hospital and medical care providers. Many plans sold as "emergency travel" insurance merely provide transport to the closest "appropriate" hospital. The closest "appropriate" hospital can be thousands of miles from home! Travelers who suffer serious medical problems can be left stranded by the very "emergency travel" insurance they relied upon for protection. In many cases, the "appropriate" hospital is outside of the country covered by the traveler's medical insurance. In comparison, our Mexico Travel Insurance is a complete package that meets the recommendations of the US and Canadian Consulates. While other plans leave the patient stranded at a distant location, SkyMed returns the member, spouse or companion, their children and/or grandchildren, stranded vehicles and pets to the only place that really matters...home. Get a FREE Mexico Air Evacuation Quote from SKYMED NOW

Who needs SkyMed Mexico Air Evacuation?

Mexico Air Evacuation is an essential service for anyone who travels more than 100 air miles from home. If, during your travels, you become critically ill or injured, SkyMed will return you home by air ambulance. Depending on the options you select, SkyMed will return your family, your vehicle, your pets, and other belongings! Below is a summary of some availabe coverages. for a complete list chack with your policy. SkyMed Membership provides:

Hospital-to-Hospital Emergency Air Transport

If a SkyMed member is critically ill or injured more than 100 air miles from home, the Mexico Travel Insurance company will arrange and pay for medically equipped air ambulance transportation by fixed-wing aircraft, to the hospital nearest their US or Canadian home. Ground ambulance to and from each hospital is included.

Transportation for Recuperation Nearer Home

If a SkyMed member and their attending physician determine it feasible and necessary for the member to recuperate closer to home, due to a critical illness or injury, SkyMed will pay for appropriate air transportation to their home.

Commercial Carrier Medical Escort Flights

Our Mexico Medical Insurance will arrange for a member's spouse/companion to accompany them in flight on a private air ambulance (space permitting). If space is not available, SkyMed will pay for air transportation for one person.

Minor Children / Grandchildren Return

If as a result of a critical illness or injury, a member's minor children or grandchildren are left stranded, Our Mexico Air Evacuation will pay for a regularly scheduled airline flight, with an attendant, if necessary, to return them home. Grandchildren under the age of 18 are eligible for all member services when travelling with grandparents.

Vehicle Return

Our Mexico Tavel Insurance will pay professional drivers for over-land, safe return of operable vehicles (autos, RVs, tow vehicles, commercial vehicles, trucks) that have been left unattended as a result of a member's critical illness or injury.

Mexico Travel Insurance by SkyMed provides:

  • Escort Transportation
  • Visitor Transportation
  • Return Transportation After Recovery
  • Incidental Expense Allowance
  • Organ Retrieval
  • Organ Recipient Transportation
  • Physical Remains Return

Three Additional Mexico Travel Insurance Options:

  • Helicopter Return Option
  • SkyMed Plus World Wide Assistance Option
  • Primary Driver Disability Option


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