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La PazLa Paz Baja California Mexico is located right on the Tropic of Cancer, with a desert landscape and comfortable dry and warm climate year-around. La Paz is the capital of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur and an important regional commercial center. The natural marine wonders of the Bay of La Paz and the surrounding area make it the eco-tourism capital of Mexico. Back in 1535, Hernan Cortes discovered the La Paz bay and named it La Santa Cruz. Later in 1596, Sebastian Viscaino arrived with orders to conquer and convert the natives to Christianity. It was then that he named it La Paz - "the peace" - because of the people he encountered there. Today, La Paz has changed into a nice, friendly city, with the charm and beauty that allows you to relax and enjoy the climate, sandy beaches and most of all the warmth of its friendly people. Eco-Tourism is by far its major source of tourists income as people come to enjoy its marine wonders, as well as its diverse and often unique terrestrial species endemic to the region. All of the islands in the Gulf of California are now under UNESCO protection as World Heritage Bio-Reserves and the Espiritu Santos Islands group, which borders the south eastern portion of the Bay of La Paz and are considered the crown jewels of the islands of the Gulf (also referred to at the Sea of Cortez/Mar de Cortes), the primary tourist destination of the area. Its diving, snorkeling, and kayaking are considered second to none.

La Paz does not offer the same type of first class resorts that can be found in Los Cabos, two hours down Baja Highway 1. La Paz has no 5 star hotels, no waterfront golf courses, and the nightlife is fun but reserved compared to Cabo. But La Paz does offer excellent fishing, diving and other water sports. La Paz and the offshore islands are an excellent place to Kayak

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