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La Bufadora

La BufadoraLa Bufadora is a marine geyser, or Blowhole located on the Punta Banda Peninsula in Baja California, Mexico. The spout of marine water (occurring every minute or so to varying degrees of height) is created when ocean waves and air are drawn into an underwater cave located in the cliffside. The deep underwater canyon at La Bufadora has been gouged out over eons of time by trillions of tons of pounding surf. Waves coming in a narrow path in the rock shore, force the Ocean thru a hole. The water shoots high into the air. This phenomenon of nature has been a strong influence in the tourist development of Punta Banda peninsula. This is the reason for La Bufadora name, "The Blowhole". The invading ocean wave collides with the air that is drawn down in a pumping action caused by the force of receding waters after the previous spout. For an instant, trapped air and water choke the cave, then the compressed air and water explode through the only exit. This marine geyser is considered as the second highest of the world, after Hawaii. Newly renovated with botanical gardens and various observation decks, several with handicapped access. 22 miles south of Ensenada near the tip of Punta Banda peninsula. Small parking fee. During incoming tide, waves rush into an underground cavern and force out the water as high as 25-30 meters through a hole in the cavern. You'll find restaurants, shops & tourist facilities at La bufadora. The La Bufadora area is also known for great diving.

Legend of La Bufadora

La Bufadora EnsenadaA legend surrounds this sound... a mother whale returned with her new-born calf from the breeding grounds. One night the calf explored an under water cave in the cliffs of Punta Banda. A whale calf grows very fast, by morning he was too big to squeeze through the narrow, crevice-like entrance of the cave. Whalers started seeing a small spout rising from the cave and heard the frightened sobs of the trapped baby whale. As years passed the spouts and cries grew. What we see today is the spout of water is from the now-grown whale's blowhole, hence the name La Bufadora or "The Blowhole" and the thunderous noise are its cries. See also Scuba Diving in La Buafadora area.

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