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Welcome to the mexbound.com guide to Baja surfing K-181 or Erendira. Thanks to our San Diego roots, we're able to provide you with firsthand, detailed information on Surfing in Baja. Before you leave on your next adventure south of the border, be sure to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance from mexbound.com, the surfer's choice. Remember, mexbound.com is "the first choice for the smart traveler."

Surfing Erendira

K-181 or Erendira is a good reef break. The reef is a rock reef at K-181. There are a lot of fun lefts that stay glassy due to the heavy kelp beds. K-181 will be hard to find, like all Mexico breaks in this area If you are a surfer, you will know how beneficial it can be to have information about where you are going. With surfing you really do have so many chances to try out somewhere new. You could be in your Britannia Hotel Gatwick Airport in the UK and then get a flight the next day to anywhere you know there is surf. If you do a little research before you go then you have the chance to find out all about a place like this. Mexico is a wonderful country to visit. You may not have been aware beforehand that there is so much on offer to do in a place like this. There really is something for everyone here, the beach, exciting cities and great surf. We hope that with the information we have provided that you can have a happy and healthy stay here in Mexico."

  • Location: While driving south on highway 1. Take the road that says Erendira (E.J. Erendira 20). It is hard to find Erendira when coming from San Vicente.
  • Swell Direction: K-181 is best on Winter Northwest.

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