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Insurance for Mexico

Mexbound.com offers daily, six month and annual Insurance in Mexico for Auto, PickUp, Van, SUV, and RVs, we offer both Liability Only and Full coverage Mexico Insurance through HDI Seguros.

Mexican Insurance Policies Feature

  • U.S. Auto Repair, paying U.S. labor rates
  • Nationwide adjusters - 24/7 Claims help call center
  • Legal Assistance
  • Bail bond in case of accident
  • Vandalism & Partial Theft with Premiere Package
  • Physical Damage & Theft
  • Medical Expenses
  • Land, Air, and International Medical Transportation
  • Rental Car in Case of Vehicle Breakdown or Theft

Coverage for your vehicle

Physical damage and total theft coverage protects your vehicle up to the ACV value of your vehicle for total theft, collision, overturn, fire, lightning, explosion, and natural disasters such as cyclones, hurricanes, hail, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, avalanche, flooding of: rivers, lakes and inlets with the exception of salt water; land or rock slide, fall or collapse of constructions, buildings or similar structures as well as falling trees or branches.

Insurance for Mexico Liability Only Coverage

Protects the liability that the insured may incur while driving the insured vehicle and causing damage to third parties possessions and/or their persons, excluding occupants of the insured vehicle. A Mexico Insurance liability policy fulfills your proof of financial responsibility as required under Mexican Law. You can select your amount of Liability coverage on our quote form.

Premiere Package

Provides additional coverage for vandalism and partial theft, which is not included in standard coverage. Vandalism coverage is subject to a $500 deductible and partial theft has a maximum coverage of $3,000 with a $1,000 deductible. For partial theft coverage, all equipment and parts must be originally installed by the manufacturer or an authorized dealer. Proof of equipment and parts installed is required. Coverage is not available for motorhomes/RVs. Please read the endorsement on your policy for complete details.

ACV Actual Cash Value

Total loss and theft are based on ACV or Actual Cash Value of your vehicle. Check the value of your vehicle on NADA Guide.

Disclaimer - The following information is provided as a general and informative summary of benefits and should not be considered legal advice or your sole source of information. Mexbound.com assumes no liability for any reliance on information provided. Laws and policies change. For a full legal description of benefits and exclusions, consult the terms and conditions of the contract. No attorney or client relationship is intended or created by this information.

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