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Your Rights as a Foreigner in Mexico

Your Rights as a Foreigner in Mexico Most Americans think that because you are a foreigner you have no rights in Mexico, however according to the Mexican constitution, every person in the United Mexican States shall enjoy the guarantees granted by the Constitution, which cannot be restricted or suspended. Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country.

Buying Real Estate In Mexico

The Mexican Constitution was ratified in 1917; it prohibits direct foreign ownership of Real Estate located within 50 kilometers of the sea cost or 100 kilometers of the international borders. The perimeter area of the country is known as restricted or prohibited zone.

However, since April 16, 1973, foreign individuals and corporations may legally take title to real property, within the restricted zone, through the vehicle of a Fiduciary Trust (or "Fideicomiso" in Spanish), employing an authorized Mexican bank as Trustee.

The Trust, by congressional authority, grants all rights to the foreigner as though he were a Mexican Citizen, with regard to the Real Estate. This privilege includes the rights to buy, sell, rent, lease, and build upon the land, subject to applicable local zoning.

The Trust is originated for up to 50-year duration. Renewal for another additional 50 years is automatic, if applied for 180 days before expiration, and where the terms and conditions of the original Trust remain the same. The Beneficial interest in the Trust may be passed to heirs or substitute beneficiaries without inheritance tax or may be transferred by gift or sale at any time. For information on how to purchase real estate in Mexico click here

Foreigners Cannot Engage in Political Activity

Title I, chapter III of the Mexican constitution states that Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country. As a foreigner you should stay clear of all political affairs.

Foreigners Have the Right to Free Emergency Medical Attention

Every person has the right to health protection. The law will define the ways and means for access to health services and will establish the concurrence of the Federation and the federated entities in matters of public health, in conformance to that which is specified by section XVI of article 73 of the Mexican Constitution.

Foreigners Have the Right to Education in Public Schools

As stated in the Mexican constitution, article 3, every individual has the right to receive education. The State-Federation, States, and Municipalities-will provide preschool, primary, and secondary education. Primary and secondary educations are compulsory. The education that the State provides will try to harmoniously develop all the faculties of being human, and will instill in teh student at the same time, love of country and awareness of international solidarity, in independence and justice.

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