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Ensenada Wineries

Ensenada WineriesThe wine growing region of Baja California lies within the valleys of San Vicente , Santo Tomás and Guadalupe , all located in the municipality of Ensenada . Today more than 90% of Mexico 's table wines are produced here, one of the most famous Baja Winery being Bodegas de Santo Tomas, founded in 1888. Much of the Baja California peninsula has a semi-desert climate, but Ensenada 's region has a cold marine current, which helps to produce a Mediterranean climate, which is ideal for growing wine grapes. With its warm summers and mild winters, not to mention sunny days and cool nights during the growing season, these valleys produce fine Mexican wines with a style of their own. The wine makers of the Ensenada region produce a complete range of types and styles of wines. Mexican wines from this area have obtained international recognition, and are being exported to Europe, the United States and Canada in ever increasing quantities. Most Baja wineries offer tours and wine tasting. We offer driving directions and maps to the wineries visit our Winery map and Driving Directions page and download our maps. Our wine maps feature accommodations, restaurants and wineries all located in Ensenada's Valley de Guadalupe. See also Winery Lodging and Winery Restaurants.

Wineries in Ensenada

  • Bodegas De Santo Tomas
    Mexico's oldest Winery knows how they elaborate, process and age the wine and of the tour you will visit the tasting room where you will be able to enjoy more than 26 different wines with bread and cheese. This is one of the more popular wineries in Ensenada. Wine tastings are at 11am , 1pm & 3pm ($2dlls.). Av. Miramar #666 in Ensenada , tel. (01152646) 174-0836, (01152646) 174-0829, fax (01152646) 178-3601
  • Cavas Valmar
    A result of the union of two families, this small Winery in Ensenada is building a solid reputation based on great effort and enthusiasm. Its wines are now exported to the United States and Europe . Reservation for a tour call to Ing. Fernando Martain or Yolanda de Martain tel. Free tours and wine tasting by appointment, tel/fax (01152646) 178-6405. Calle Ambar #810 & Riveroll in Ensenada.

Ensenada Wine Map

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Wineries located in Guadalupe Valley

  • Vinos Casa De Piedra
    At Casa de Piedra, they have endeavored to make a "Signature Wine" using the grapes from the area and its diverse microclimates. Utilizing the latest technology combined with the expertise and sensibility of their winemakers, they have attained a level upon which, and each bottle exclusively reflects the personality of the land. This Ensenada Wineries is located at km 93.5 in valley of San Antonio de las Minas, Baja California Tel:646-155-30-97
  • L.A. Cetto
    This Ensenada Winery offers Free tastings, Coolers, Brandy and Tequila tasting and tours daily 10am-4pm. Located in Valle de Guadalupe at Km. 73.5 on Highway 3 to Tecate, tel. (01152646) 155-2264, fax (01152646) 155-2269
  • Vina Liceaga
    Wine tasting and tours Sat. 1pm by appointment, tel. (01152646) 184-0126, (01152646) 184-1184, fax (01152646) 184-0262. At Km. 93 on Highway 3 to Tecate.
  • Vinedos Malagon
    For the last few years the Malagon family has focused on making it one of the best wineries and bed and breakfast in the region. Wine tasting on the premises, along with a variety of cheese and crackers. Tel: (949) 547-8776
  • Mogor Badan
    Tours and wine tasting by appointment, tel/fax (01152646) 177-1484. At Rancho El Mogor at Km. 86.5 on Highway 3 to Tecate.
  • Monte Xanic
    One of the most recent of Ensenada wineries, it has made a name for itself among fine Mexican wines by achieving a high level of quality with the most modern technology in cultivation and vinification. It's about 40 minutes form here, way to Tecate on Valle de Guadalupe. Wine tasting and tours (2dlls.) by appointment, tel. (01152646) 174-6769, (01152646) 174-6155, fax(01152646) 174-6848. Located in Francisco Zarco, Valle de Guadalupe, just off Highway 3 to Tecate.
  • Chateau Camou
    You must have reservation one day before with Dr. Pedro Martinez or Claudia Casteneda for a tour. Available from Mon-Fri. 9am to 4pm Sat. 9am - 12pm . . Located in Francisco Zarco, Valle de Guadalupe, just off Highway 3 to Tecate tel. (01152646) 177-2221, fax (01152646) 176-0676
  • Casa Pedro Domecq
    Located only 32 kms., or 20 miles from Ensenada , are the Domecq Winery and the vineyards of the Calafia Valley . Winery Tour and Wine Tasting Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00am. , to 1:00 p.m. From E.U. dial 011 52 (615) 52249 and 52254.


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