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Ensenada Scuba Diving

Ensenada Scuba DivingWelcome to Mexbound.com guide to scuba diving and snorkeling in Ensenada. Ensenada offers good scuba diving off of the rocky shores or Isla Todos Santos and the Punta Banda area. Primarily the best diving in Ensenada can be found around the La Bufadora area. The La Bufadora benefits from a deep submarine canyon that extends from the Continental Shelf into the bay of Ensenada. The peninsula of the Bufadora extends to the edge of the abyss. Cold water upwelling rich in nutrients from the canyon support an explosion of Marine life on the reef. In addition the cold water upwelling results in better visibility ranging between 60 to 120'. There are several small rock pinnacles providing some of the best wall diving in Baja California. The Punta Banda area is perfect for intermidiate divers due to the many protected and shallow coves. Most of the dive spots in the Ensenada area can only be reached by boat, called "pangas" these small boats are usually wooden boats no larger than about 16 feet. Below is a list of types of scuba diving, scuba diving equipment rentals, and dive trips in the Ensenada area of Baja California, Mexico, including La Bufadora at the Punta Banda Peninsula.

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