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Surfing Cuatro Casas

Quatro Casas is probably the most well known break in the area. Cuatro Casas is a good Right-hand point reef break. When Cuatro Casas is on it gets really good. Cuatro Casas can get really crowded, but it always is less crowded than anything before Ensenada. It gets extremely windy in Cuatro Casas, but the kelp and the high cliffs keep it glassy. There is camping right on the cliff overlooking the waves and local fisherman will sell you fresh fish.

  • Location: It can be confusing to find but if you go 12 miles south of the city of Colonet, you will find San Telmo. About a mile south of the PEMEX station in San Telmo just past the "Abarrotes Ormart" store, you will see a turnoff that goes buy some farms stay on that road till you hit the ocean.
  • Swell Direction: Cuatro Casas is best on South's, but can be good on bigger Northwest.

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