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Copper Canyon Hiking Copper Canyon Hiking

Foot travel is not always easy or comfortable, but there is no other way to fully experience the majestic beauty of the Copper Canyon! Copper Canyon Mexico is the largest canyon system in North America. Most people who visit the area do so on the train, catching only glimpses of three of the seven major canyons.

Sierra Tarahumara Canyons

Name Depth River Level Community
Batopilas 5905 feet 2290 feet Batopilas
Candamena 5380 feet 2952 feet Ocampo, Uruachi
Chinipas 5249 feet 1312 feet Chinipas
Del Cobre 4265 feet 3280 feet Boycoyna, Urique, Guachochi
Oteros 4986 feet 2296 feet Maguarichi, Uruachi
Sinforosa 6003 feet 2290 feet Guachochi, Batopilas
Urique 6135 feet 1640 feet Urique, Batopilas

Hiking the Copper CanyonThe rivers that offer a hearty hiking challenge are the Rio Tararecua, Rio Urique, Rio Verde, Rio Guerachi and Rio Oteros and their numerous side canyons. Late winter and spring months are ideal for a back packing challenge because by then the rainy season is over and the river flows have receded to allow reasonably safe passage. These trips require some special gear for getting you through high water. And they require a physically and mentally fit traveler who can handle the uncertainties of extremely difficult terrain.

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