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Festival de Turismo de Aventura

Festival de Turismo de AventuraFestival de Turismo de Aventura (Festival of Adventure Tourism), which draws hundreds of visitors from all over the world each year. Whats more, you can witness the magic and mysticism of the Holy Week festivities held in Raramuri indigenous communities. This festival takes place in July and August at various locations in the Sierra Tarahumara, including Guachochi, Creel, Barranca de Sinforosa and Dunas de Samalayuca, which is near Ciudad Juarez. During the festival, these areas host challenging competitions, such as a marathon, mountain biking, Tyrolean rappelling, rock climbing, rappelling and sandboarding. The event draws important international figures, such as Patricio Cabrera, who placed second in the Sky Marathon, and Jack Smith, the founder of the sandboard. The world-famous Tarahumara runners, known as the men of winged feet, run barefooted in a cross-country race across relatively unknown trails. They also play Rajajipame, a game that involves controlling a wooden ball with their feet for 40 hours along a 20-km (12-mi) route. For more info www.360gym.com
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