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Castro's Camp Baja California

Castros Fishing CampCastros is located about 115 miles from the border and about 60 miles south of Ensenada. Castro's is in than town of Erindira. This place brings back great Baja Fishing memories; my dad took me here several times when I was just a kid. What I remember about this place is that the fishing is Amazing. Be prepared to catch a large amounts of white and black sea bass, ling cod, yellow tail, red snapper, halibut, thresher shark, sheep head, rock cod, kelp & calico bass, barracuda and more. Castro's can get booked so call at least 2 weeks before. Castro's skipper's names: Fernado, Jorge, Waldo, Oscar, Poncho, Victor and Conrad. You will need special poles here in order to catch the big fish. The poles recommended are short 6 to 8 foot poles with bottom or rock cod rigs set up, which consists of 3 to five hooks spaced about 9 inches apart. Best line is 20 to 25 pound test, however you can go heavier if desired. Be prepared it is not unlikely to reel up 4 fish at one time. The crew at Castros will clean whatever you catch for only a couple of bucks, which is definitely worth it.

Cost to fish at Castro's:

  • Monday through Friday - $140.00 per boat with a four person minimum. Each person after the forth will cost an additional $35.00.
  • Saturday and Sunday - $175.00 per boat with a five person minimum. Each person after the fifth will cost an additional $35.00.
  • Reservations: 011-52-646-176-28-97 Fax: 011-52-646-177-25-85
    email: Castro's at castrosf@telnor.net
  • Where to stay: Castro's Fishing Place has small shacks to stay in, however there is a nice Hostel close by called Coyote Cal's. They are safe and clean and have warm showers and best of all a bar.
Castros Castros Baja California
Cleaning the Fish at Castro's Boat Launching ramp at Castro's Fishing Camp



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