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Auto Insurance in Mexico

The major reason, which makes it mandatory for the people who head for Mexico, to buy Mexican Auto Insurance is ,that it doesn’t recognize the insurance of any foreign country; even if it is taken in neighboring countries U.S and Canada. On the Mexican roads, minor accidents can cause major harm and one could end up in jail for a simple misdemeanor or not even one. Hence, it is sensible to buy Mexican auto insurance, which apart from paying for the damages, helps one to avail the help of lawyer in case one met with an accident in Mexico. Further, if you met with an accident and you do not have Mexican liability insurance, you won’t be able to leave the country even if you need an immediate medical treatment. That’s why; it is very much advisable to buy auto insurance when driving to Mexico.

Mexican Auto Insurance companies are available very easily on both side of border .if the trip is not pre-planned then to buy it from any of them is a good idea, then to drive in Mexico sans an auto insurance coverage . But if it is planned like other imperative things do buy a Mexican auto insurance to safeguard yourself from any likely accident that could follow you in Mexico. Auto insurance is available online by almost all the providers. Once you buy it online, it is prudent to take print out of the same and carry it with you while driving in Mexico. Auto insurance on border is available for short term also ranging for single trip to a week, to a month and even more. People usually buy auto insurance for a trip but that’s only sensible if you know how much time exactly you want to drive in Mexico.

If you love to drink beer while you drive, you’ll have to think twice before doing this in Mexico. Your auto insurance can become null if you met with an accident and you are driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Hence, a little study is needed before you buy auto insurance for Mexico. Be sure that it essentially covers for the following damages:

1. Collision, upset, glass breakage: This coverage is meant to cover you for the damage caused to your vehicle from collision, turning over and glass breakage.

2. Fire and theft: Providing you coverage for theft, fire, lightening explosion, metrological phenomenon such as earthquakes, hurricane etc.

3. Property damage: If you are legally liable for damages the coverage, on your behalf, should pay for damages caused to third parties and to their property.

4. Civil liabilities: In case where you might have caused injuries or death to a third party the coverage should provide for the legal liability arising due to this.

5. Medical payment: This covers the medical bills for you and the other occupants of the car.

6. Legal service: This coverage provides the legal services and judicial cost apart from these it acts as your co-surety for the Mexican bail bond which facilitates your bail.

Therefore, take a little more time with your insurance planner and cram the nuisances of Mexican Auto Insurance before you the hit the road to Mexico.

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