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Tijuana is the Mexican border town with every virtue and vice that this implies. More than 36 million people cross the border to Tijuana Mexico every year, the vast majority of them staying only a few hours. It could be said with some justification that Tijuana is the "World's Most Visited City." There's no shortage of reasonable Tijuana hotels, although as you'd expect, most things are far more expensive than they are further south.


Above all Tijuana Mexico is geared towards dealing with hordes of day-trippers, which means hundreds of tacky souvenir stands, cheap doctors, dentists and auto-repair shops, and countless bars and restaurants, pricey by Mexican standards but cheaper than anything you'll find in San Diego. Tijuana, the gateway to Baja California's gold coast is less than 30 minutes from downtown San Diego. On the one hand, in Tijuana you'll find museums, art galleries, and the Cultural Center, where you can enjoy both permanent and temporary art exhibits and other expositions.

If you want to shop in Tijuana then a visit to the city's lovely, tree-lined Zona Río, where shopping of every kind awaits you amidst the most up-to-date surroundings. The Zona Río area in Tijuana is one of the best examples of the growth and modernization of the city of Tijuana Mexico. Tijuana shopping centers contain exclusive department stores and specialty shops, offering fine perfumes, clothing, jewelry and imported items from every part of the world.

Tijuana is big on gambling, with greyhound racing every evening; jai alai from 8pm every night except Wednesday in the huge downtown Frontón Palacio, and bullfights throughout the summer (May-Sept) at two rings, one right on the coast, the other a couple of kilometers southeast of the center in Tijuana. At the off-track betting lounges all around Tijuana, you can place money on just about anything that moves and monitor progress on the banks of closed circuit TVs.

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